My Facebook Exodus: Removing Pictures and Ads

So what have I been cleaning and removing from my Facebook account? Currently I am backing up removing pictures and removing all my Facebook Ad “likes.”

Regardless of whether you plan to #DeleteFacebook, backing up pictures, deleting pictures, and deleting Facebook Ads is something you probably should know how to do.

I. Backup and Delete Photo Albums
This is a semi-tedious task. Fortunately, Facebook makes it easy to backup and download each photo album, but I have many albums created over the past 11 years. Here’s how:

  1. Backup Photo Album
    a. Log into Facebook on my computer
    b. Click on my name
    c. Click on “Photos”
    d. Click on “Albums”
    e. Open a specific album
    f. Click on the little gear icon in the upper-right
    g. Click “Download Album” – a pop-up message says it may take a few minutes to prepare the download.
    h. Click “Continue.” When it’s ready, you will receive a notification “Your album [album name] is ready to download” (it takes approximately 1-4 minutes)
    i. Click on the notification, and you will be prompted to enter your Facebook password
    j. Click “Continue” and you’ll be prompted to save your pictures (which will be in a compressed .zip file). Click “OK”
    k. Your pictures will be downloaded.
  2. Delete Photo Album
    a. Repeat steps a-f above
    b. Click “Delete Album”
    c. When prompted to confirm, click “Delete Album”

II. Removing all Facebook Ad “Likes”
Facebook continually adds advertisement “likes” behind the scenes based on what you post, share, and like. It is a tedious process to go through and delete them. I find it easier/quicker to do on a computer than on a mobile device. Here’s how:

  1. Log into Facebook on your computer
  2. Click the down-arrow on the top right corner and choose “Settings”
  3. Click “Ads” near the bottom of the left side column
    Go through the various categories and delete the ad subjects and items listed.!

Having deleted all of my ad likes, I’m watching to see if and when Facebook creates new ones for me. Having stopped posting, commenting and liking stuff, nothing has appeared…yet.

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