Wallet Honesty Test

Despite the great chaos, strife, and polarization in our world today, I still stubbornly cling to the belief that there is more good, kindness, generosity, and love out there than is readily apparent.

You just don’t see it reflected on the news or on social media. What grabs the eyeballs and attracts mouse clicks are conflict and outrage.

That’s why, despite a significant drop in crime rates since the 1990s, public perception often is that violent and property crime rates have been on the rise.

Popular YouTuber and former NASA engineer, Mark Rober, put out a recent video that bolsters my optimistic belief. You may know him from his wildly popular Squirrel Ninja Obstacle Course and his Glitter Bomb vs. Package Thief videos.

After having lost his wallet and not having it returned, he wondered what kind of people would or would not return a lost wallet. So he prepared 200 wallets and had them dropped in 10 cities to see which would be returned.

Would there be any trends based on the city location or size? What about the age, gender, socioeconomic level, or religion (if any) of the finder?

I think you, like me, will find the results of his little test uplifting and reassuring.

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