Cessation of Isolation, part 2

Continuing with the theme of activities now possible post-vaccination…

I got to hug and enjoy dinner with my mother. It’s been over a year, and to enjoy a meal and conversation, maskless, with my indefatigable mother was such a joy! Mom turns 88 in just a couple weeks!

As mentioned in my previous post, I scheduled myself to donate platelets. Although I trust the safety precautions of the Red Cross and did donate a couple times during the pandemic, I decided to hold off donating again until I was fully vaccinated. The last time I donated was 5 months ago.

This morning I went in early, got prepped, and spent a couple hours on the bed as my blood was drawn, platelets separated out, and the rest returned to me.

I relaxed, listened to podcasts, and thought about family members, friends, and strangers whose lives have depended on donations like mine.

I plan an ambitious schedule of donations going forward. I hope to donate every two weeks, maybe weekly (with platelets, one can donate every 7 days).

Not everyone is eligible to donate. If you can, please consider donating. People needing platelets include cancer and leukemia patients, those undergoing major surgeries, and accident victims.

If you are squeamish, I’ll gladly accompany you to the Portland Red Cross and assist you through the process. I used to be squeamish about needles, but have overcome that fear over the years through donations.

If you are hesitating on receiving a Covid-19 vaccine, I will say that they use the smallest needle I have ever seen. I felt almost nothing when I got my shot. The peace of mind for yourself and those you care about is absolutely worth it!

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