Food is Love

At the beginning of the pandemic around April, 2020, Rhiannon Menn says she was “feeling super helpless and watching people around me lose jobs and lose childcare and just struggle with what was going on.”

She decided rather than focusing on all the things that had been lost, “I tried to focus on what I did have which was time and groceries and I absolutely loved cooking and so does my daughter.”

She started making extra meals and delivering them to moms she found through posting on social media.

More and more people got involved, and she ended up creating Lasagna Love, a nationwide grassroots movement that connects neighbors with neighbors through homemade meals and delivery. There are over 20,000 volunteers in all fifty states and they deliver over 3500 meals every week.  They also “seek to eliminate stigmas associated with asking for help—especially from moms— when it is needed most.”

What Lasagna Love does is match people requesting a meal with volunteers willing to cook and deliver that meal.

I love everything about this movement! I also love Rhiannon’s vision of “bringing…kindness back into the fabric of who we are and what we do as a community.”

Here’s a 30 minute interview with Rhiannon:

Recruiting a Friend

I reached out to a friend who is a chef and told her about Lasagna Love. She immediately and enthusiastically signed up. She chose to be matched every couple weeks. She sometimes takes a week off for vacation, and sometimes doesn’t get matched. She’s been averaging about one meal a month.

Typically, she’ll receive a message on Tuesday when she is matched with a family requesting a meal. You are expected to make contact with the requester within 24 hours and deliver the meal within a week. Every meal is a moving moment of service and gratitude, and I’ll bet the warmth and love recipients experience lasts long after the meal is consumed.

Want To Contribute?

Want to help out? There are many ways. Businesses can become corporate sponsors. Nonprofits can partner and collaborate with Lasagna Love to support their community. Individuals who don’t have time or are not confident about cooking can sponsor a Lasagna Chef. Those who love to cook and want to support families in their community can become lasagna chefs. Oh, and if lasagna isn’t your thing, you can cook other dishes.

Do you or a friend need a hand with dinner?

Use the Lasagna Love request form to start the process.


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