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Life is short, precious, and fragile

Twenty-five years ago today I enjoyed a full day playing music with my father, something I always enjoyed whenever I came home. We played our favorites: Mozart Piano and Violin Sonatas and Fritz Kreisler.

Me, age 4, resting after a rigorous practice session

He started me on the violin at 4 and piano at 6, and we performed together for years at weddings, parties, and dinner music at a local restaurant. This is us playing at my eldest brother’s wedding.

Performing for my brother’s wedding

Twenty-three years ago today was the last time we played together. The following morning, just after I left to return to Portland, he was hit by a drunk driver. He never woke up and died the following day. He was only 67.

Photo I took of Dad, seated at my grandmother’s Baldwin grand

Cherish the time you have. Life is short, precious, and fragile. Tell people how you feel. And by all means, do not allow yourself or anyone around you to drive while under the influence.