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Part 3: How to Save Significantly On Your Prescription Drugs – Cost Plus Pharmacy

Two years ago I wrote a two-part blog series about saving on your prescription drug costs using GoodRx or buying from Canada.

I heard from many friends and family members who were already using both methods. I was surprised to hear how many were buying from Canada.

Today, I’m happy to share a third method that may save you significantly on your prescription drugs. It is Cost Plus Drug Company.

A year ago, I started hearing news reports about billionaire Mark Cuban starting a new pharmacy with the goal of offering drugs with the lowest prices around. I hadn’t looked into until today, when I learned about a friend who was facing costs of $350 – $650 for a one-month supply of a single medication.

Good News/Bad News
Some are finding significant savings using Cost Plus. Others are finding mixed results on how much Cost Plus may save.

In the case of my friend, their particular medication was not listed on Cost Plus. You can sign up for a notification when a medication you need is added (which is what they did).

I decided to do a simple lookup on Restasis (Cyclosporine), which prompted my search and the original blog posts two years ago. Here’s what I found.

PharmacyBest Prices
GoodRx$156.70 – $205.39
Your Canada Drug Store$111.24 – $163.80
Cost Plus Drug Company$128.35
GoodRx search results
Your Canada Drug Store (one CIPA member pharmacy)
Cost Plus Drug Company result


Cost Plus Drug Store is only a year old, but it is saving some people a lot of money. Do your homework and compare options. Note the generic vs. name-brand drugs are listed, so you are comparing apples to apples.

Your results may vary, but it is definitely an option worth considering when looking to save money on your prescription drugs.