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Save Big Time with GoodRX

It is well known the we in the U.S. pay the highest prices for medication in the world. May I emphatically recommend you use GoodRx?

There is a website and a smartphone app. It costs you nothing, and you don’t have to sign up or create an account. Simply type in the drug, dosage, and count/amount, and GoodRx will tell you the price at various pharmacies in your area.

You will be surprised how big a difference in price there can be!

GoodRx will even tell you if you can use a coupon (often presented on your smartphone) or whether a special membership with the pharmacy (typically $20-40 per year) will save you money. You may find that another pharmacy often offers better prices than your regular pharmacy and may want to switch your default pharmacy.

Think you have a good prescription plan through your insurance? Think you are saving money receiving your drugs through a mail-order pharmacy (like SureScripts or ExpressScripts)? I still saved money over my insurance plan simply by using GoodRx.

I don’t have pets, but I understand GoodRx can be used for pet medication, too.

Here’s what I do:
Whenever I go in to pick up a prescription, I ask what the drug is, the dosage, and the amount (number of pills). I plug it all into the GoodRx app on my cell phone, and check to see whether the price listed is lower than what the pharmacy was going to charge. Often it is. The pharmacists are used to it and quickly print out a new receipt.

I just saw a friend post a complaint about a mail-order pharmacy on social media. I sent him a message to try GoodRx. A couple hours later he messaged me that he saved $150 the first time they used it!

If this sounds like a paid testimonial, I’m sorry. Anyone who knows me knows how much I loath advertisements. I receive no benefit from promoting GoodRx beyond the good feeling of knowing I saved my friends money.