Remembering Traveling in Vietnam

As I continue to slog through removing pictures and videos from my Facebook account, the memories inevitably come rushing back. Here are three videos from a trip I made to Vietnam back in 2010:

Making a left turn in Vietnamese Traffic

When turning left, you just do it, regardless of the oncoming traffic. The oncoming traffic merely flows around you like water diverted around a rock or log in a stream. As a passenger, it’s pretty unsettling.

Riding as a passenger on a motorbike

Motorbikes are the most efficient mode of transportation in large cities. They can navigate the narrow alleyways and clogged traffic better than anything with four wheels.

Flooding in Central Vietnam

The central region of Vietnam, the narrow strip stretching from Nghe An (about 40 miles from Hanoi) to Bình Thuận (within 30 miles of Ho Chi Minh City), suffers major flooding almost every year. We got caught in this when attempting to drive the length of Vietnam from Hanoi all the way down to Ho Chi Minh City.

Eventually our van stalled out when the air filter became saturated, and we had to backtrack and seek refuge for a few days in Hà Tĩnh to wait for the high waters to subside. Losing those days meant we ended up flying from Vinh to Ho Chi Minh City. Thus I did not get to see the ancient Imperial City of Huế, Da Nang, or any of the other cities of Central Vietnam.

2 thoughts on “Remembering Traveling in Vietnam

    1. tl Post author

      I wish I’d taken a video of crossing the street. The first time I did that I really had to take a deep breath and trust my hosts.



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