YouTube battle between violinists and a bass player

The two violinists on YouTube that make up TwoSetViolin have gotten themselves embroiled in an internet feud with a bass player.

This is not the first time TwoSetViolin has gotten themselves into hot water with other instrument players. They made some lighthearted fun of the recorder, and they justly got roasted for it.

The TwoSetViolin pair recently made fun of electric bass players, which raised the ire of one of the most popular YouTube bass players, Davie504 (for those keeping track at home, as of this writing, TwoSetViolin has 2.55 million subscribers, and Davie504 has 7.4 million subscribers). This set off a back and forth video battle of skill, bluster, insults, and questionable editing. Here’s the whole sequence:

Twoset: Violin vs Bass
Davie504: These Violinists tried to EXPOSE ME…(Epic Fail)
Twoset: Our Response to Davie504’s Challenge
Davie504: I play the VIOLIN
Twoset: Davie504 FAKES Playing the Violin!?
Davie504: These YouTubers are trying to CANCEL ME

On closer inspection, Davie504 appears to be trying to start feuds with multiple instrumentalists, including one of the recorder players who reacted to the TwoSetViolin slights just last month. With grace and humility (the latter of which Davie504 appears to possess none), she responded.

Despite TwoSetViolin’s constant roasting and denigration of the viola, I do enjoy these back and forth exchanges.

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